Letter of Agreement
New York Oceanic (ZWY) & Jacksonville ARTCC (ZJX)
Rev. 3 — Jul 29, 2020
This agreement prescribes transfer of control procedures, radar handoff procedures, route/altitude assignments, and delegation of airspace between New York Oceanic (ZWY) and Jacksonville ARTCC (ZJX).
New York Oceanic (ZWY) and Jacksonville ARTCC (ZJX) Letter of Agreement, dated Jun 15, 2020, is hereby cancelled.
The procedures contained herein must apply unless prior coordination is effected.
vZNY and any other facilities mentioned in this document are affiliated with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) network. The procedures outlined in this document are intended exclusively for use in the VATSIM flight simulation environment and must never be used for actual flight or air traffic control operations. vZNY and any other facility mentioned in this document are not affiliated with the FAA in any manner.
  1. ZWY sectors adjacent to ZJX include Radar and Non-Radar controlled airspace.
  2. ZJX Controllers are considered Radar Controllers. ZWY Controllers are considered both Radar and Non-Radar Controllers.
  3. All aircraft navigating an oceanic route on VATSIM are assumed RNP 4 and RVSM equipped.
  4. Callsigns: ZJX Controllers shall be referred to as “Jacksonville Center" or "JAX Center”. ZWY Controllers shall be referred to as “New York Radio”.
  1. ZJX Responsibilities
    1. Oceanic Clearances are NOT obtained with a frequency change to the Oceanic Sector. Oceanic clearances are handled in accordance with AIP ENR 7.6.
    2. Except when previously coordinated (such as for an event), the last radar controller must coordinate with the first non-radar controller. As soon as practical but not less than 15 minutes from entering the Oceanic Airspace, ZJX will coordinate a message to include:
      1. Callsign
      2. Estimated time over the oceanic entry fix (next fix estimates not required unless the non-radar controller requests them)
      3. Requested Altitude
      4. Requested or assigned Mach Number
    3. The radar controller must assign a Mach number and if necessary, assign any altitude or route changes. Mach number assignments must be entered into the scratchpad.
    4. Aircraft shall keep their beacon code until instructed to Squawk 2000 by the ZWY controller.
    5. Aircraft should be at their initial cruise altitude at the time or transition over the common border.
    6. Provide at least 30 MIT separation with aircraft at the same altitude exiting over the same fix.
    7. Provide at least 30 nm lateral separation to all aircraft at the same altitude.
    8. Initiate radar handoff no less than 10 nm from the common border.
  2. ZWY Responsibilities
    1. ZWY controllers shall initiate a radar handoff to the appropriate ZJX controller no less than 10 nm from the common border.

All aircraft must enter ZWY via an oceanic entry fix.

  1. OTTNG
    1. Utilized mostly for severe weather rerouting (see Atlantic North 1 Play)
  2. WHOOS
    1. Y494 VIRST / Eastbound
  3. TUBBS
    1. Y493 STERN / Westbound
  4. HANRI
    1. GALWY PAEPR / Bidirectional
  5. JAINS
    1. M326 LEXIM / Bidirectional
    2. L375 / L435 FLUPS / Bidirectional
    3. L451 ILIDO / Bidirectional
  6. UKOKA
    1. M202 OMALA / Bidirectional
  7. TROUT
    1. LEXIM M203 / M326 / Bidirectional
    2. FLUPS M204 / L375 / L435 / Bidirectional
See Sectorization below.
  1. ZWY adjacent to ZJX is composed of 2 sectors, HANRI and BACUS.
    1. HANRI (83)
      1. HANRI (83) is a radar sector and controls aircraft flying northeast-bound along Y494 (formerly M201) and southwest-bound along Y493 (formerly M201) at and above FL310. Traffic can fly in either direction via HANRI GALWY PAEPR (former M201 route). Traffic on Y494, Y493, and HANRI GALWY PAEPR is not authorized below FL310. HANRI also controls radar airspace at and above FL240 in W-122 when released to the FAA. Traffic below FL240 is not authorized.
    2. BACUS (88)
      1. BACUS (88) is a non-radar sector that controls all ZJX traffic into ZWY not entering HANRI. BACUS provides OCA service at and above FL055 and FIR service below FL055. BACUS sector utilizes "ADS-C" (simulated) track when the radar handoff is initiated by ZJX.
  2. ZWY Combinations
    1. HANRI may be controlled by ZWY or ZDC depending on who is online. Check when logging on to determine who controls HANRI.
      1. NY_FSS is the primary callsign and operates on 5520 (130.000).
      2. NY_HRI_CTR is HANRI only and controls HANRI when online.
      3. NY_BAC_FSS is BACUS only and controls BACUS when online and operates on 6586 (130.100).
    2. If other subsectors are online, check when logging on to see who is controlling which sector.
  3. ZJX Combinations
    1. ZJX Sectors will vary based on staffing.
    2. The combined ZJX Enroute sector is NEPTA, JAX_30_CTR on 124.77.
    3. Please refer to the Attachments for sectorization of the enroute airspace and associated frequency information.

Attachment 1 – ZJX Sector Diagram [show]
  1. If interested in viewing all ZJX Sectors, visit www.zjxartcc.org.
  2. Combined Sector
    1. JAX_30_CTR (NEPTA) - 124.770
  3. Split Sectors Adjacent to ZWY
    1. Ultra High Sector:
      1. JAX_51_CTR (KNEMO) - 120.120; FL350-FL600
    2. High Sectors (Split at JAINS):
      1. JAX_35_CTR (TORRY) - 134.850; FL240-FL340
      2. JAX_66_CTR (AIKEN) - 127.870; FL240-FL340
    3. Low Sectors (Split at JAINS):
      1. JAX_52_CTR (METTA) - 135.050; SFC-FL230
      2. JAX_53_CTR (BRUNSWICK) - 126.750; SFC-FL230

ZJX High Sectors ZJX Low Sectors
Attachment 2 – ZWY Sector Diagram [show]
ZWY Sector Diagram ZWY West Sectors – HANRI (83) & BACUS (88)
HANRI (83) & BACUS (88) Sector Diagrams
HANRI (83) Diagram BACUS (88) Diagram
HANRI Sectors
  1. Sector A: FL310-FL600
  2. Sector B: FL240-FL600 when Warning Area (W-122) is released to FAA
BACUS Sectors
  1. Sector A: CTA FL055-FL600, FIR SFC-FL055
  2. Sector B: SFC-FL300
  3. Sector C: SFC-FL230
  4. Sector D: SFC-FL230
  1. M201 airway has been decommissioned within HANRI.
  2. Y494 and Y493 airways now lie in sector A in parallel.
  3. Accurate diagrams will be published as soon as possible.
  1. BACUS Sectors B and D lie under the HANRI sector.
  2. M201 airway has been decommissioned within west BACUS.
  3. Y494 and Y493 airways now lie in sector B in parallel. Use of Y494 and Y493 is not authorized in BACUS (at and below FL300).
  4. Accurate diagrams will be published as soon as possible.



Change Date Description
CHG1 22 May 2013 Initial Release.
CHG2 15 Jun 2020 MAJOR REVISION. Converted to Wiki format and aligned with real world procedures.
CHG3 29 Jul 2020 Updated ZJX Sectorization.

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