This change, effective 04/01/2019, is targeted to override the instructions in the PNE SOP until 10/31/2019.

The purpose of this Mandatory Briefing Item is to clarify the procedures to use during the PNE Runway closure happening during 2019.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask any ZNY staff member on Teamspeak or Discord. Alternatively, you reach out to the Philadelphia Facility Coordinator or ZNY Facility Engineer with any questions.


Northeast Philadelphia is undergoing construction work during 2019 which will result in runway 06/24 being closed for all traffic. The Localizer and Glideslope for ILS 24 is also out of service. The runway along with multiple taxiways will remain closed until 10/31/19. Low approaches over the runway 06/24 are NOT permitted.


Temporary PNE Airport Map with closed taxiways and runways marked in RED and YELLOW(see color definitions to the left).
  1. If at any point, a pilot requests runway 06/24 in lieu of the runway closure, the runway should be issued without question.
  2. This MBI may be disregarded at EC, PHL FC, TA, ATM or DATM discretion during events to help increase arrival rate.
  3. Controllers are to include the following text in voice ATIS:
    1. If using VRC Voice ATIS: "Runway 06/24 closed. Available on request only."
    2. If using vATIS, use the following in the NOTAM section: "RY 06/24 CLSD. AVBL ON RQST."

Runway and Taxiway Closures

  1. From 04/01/2019 until 10/31/2019 the following runways will be closed (marked with RED color):
    1. Runway 06/24 will be closed and unavailable for aircraft to use for landing and departure and low approaches
  2. From 04/01/2019 until 10/31/2019 the following taxiways will be closed (marked with YELLOW color):
    1. Taxiway L Between Taxiway L3 And L1
    2. Taxiway L1
    3. Taxiway J Between Taxiway G and L
    4. Taxiway H Between Runway 06/24 and Taxiway A
    5. Taxiway E2
    6. Taxiway E1
    7. Taxiway E
    8. Taxiway F

More Information

For more information refer to the FAA NOTAM Tool