ARTS iPad Keyboard


Turn your iPad into an ARTS keyboard!

Check out the screenshot to the right. With two simple programs, you can turn your iPad into a remote keyboard that can control vSTARS. Every button was fully customized (label, size, color, function, etc.) and you can create several pages within a single layout. You can even create stroke sequences that will enable you to essentially type and send an entire alias or other dot command with the single push of the button!


  1. You must update your vSTARS Facility Profile using the most current version from the website.
  2. You must buy an application called "Custom Keypad" from the App Store. The cost is $3.99. Click here for more info.
  3. In order to make it work with your computer, you need a virtual server program called TightVNC. It is FREE. Click here for more info.
  4. Download the ARTS iPad Keyboard layout by clicking here.