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About Us

Virtual New York ARTCC, Inc. is a non-profit entity committed to offering an immersive, vibrant, and integrated community platform for flight simulation enthusiasts across the globe. Operating the New York ARTCC (ZNY) on the VATSIM network, we provide a uniquely engaging experience that fosters camaraderie and engagement among virtual pilots and air traffic controllers, aspiring and veterans alike.

Our mission is simple: to cultivate a passionate and knowledgeable community that celebrates the spirit of aviation in the virtual realm. We seek to cater to individuals who appreciate the intricacies of aviation, air traffic control operations, and who desire a robust, interactive learning environment. We strive to create an environment that both facilitates growth and fosters shared knowledge within our community, all while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusivity. We serve all those who appreciate aviation, ranging from flight simulation hobbyists to enthusiasts, and encourage an ongoing conversation around the endless facets of aviation, both real and virtual.

Virtual New York ARTCC, Inc. is not affiliated with any real-world aviation organizations. This includes but is not limited to the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines, airplane manufacturers, or flight training units. We operate solely in the realm of virtual flight simulation, promoting knowledge and passion for aviation among enthusiasts.

Despite the fidelity to real-world practices, the content, information, and resources provided by Virtual New York ARTCC, Inc. on our website or through any community platforms are for entertainment and informational purposes related to virtual flight simulation only. None of the provided material is intended for use in real-world flight operations or flight training.


Since as far back as 1997 and the use of ProController and SquawkBox, the first software to facilitate the interaction between virtual ATC and pilots, Virtual New York Center has been an active part of the flight simulation community. With the organization of the Simulated Air Traffic Control Organization (SATCO), a formalized network of community-run ATC servers, Virtual New York established a presence on the web and began offering the community a glimpse into the operations of its real world counterparts.

Scott Bickford, the very first New York Chief, a position now titled Air Traffic Manager (ATM), wrote the following about Virtual New York Center’s beginnings.

“My interest in the NY area stems from the fact that I call the great state of New York my home. I have been involved in aviation and flying for most of my life and I find it a great pastime. That was somewhat similar to the excitement I experienced during my first few hours trying my hand at being an ATC. I was sure I would crash and burn, but the ride was still a kick. SATCO asked me to be the Chief of the NY Center airspace. I am usually reluctant to commit my leisure time, because it makes it too much like work, and the minute you start considering something work, much of the fun is gone. I have, however, accepted this position and will make my best attempt to organize and standardize the NY Center airspace. I hope that both experienced real world pilots and newbie flight simmers can fly here, enjoy the enhanced realism that interactive ATC can offer, and feel welcome. I want to keep this as real as possible, so as not to chase away real pilots who might be looking to fly a non-precision approach to some not so popular destination in a light single or twin. At the same time, I want to be sure not to scare away any simmers who are lucky to get a B-747 on the runway with an ILS. I, like SATCO, do not wish to make rules or have the burden of enforcing them, but I will make suggestions and offer guidelines that I think will help to keep things running smoothly and I hope you will consider these when you're controlling or flying in NY Center airspace.”

In July of 2001, following the demise of SATCO, The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, or VATSIM, was created and Virtual New York continued to pave the way offering the flight simulation community an unparalleled experience of realism and immersion. Scott Bickford would soon give way to Brian Hoyle, the second New York Chief, who would spend the next several years continuing to maintain the legacy that Scott began. Brian’s extroverted and “New York” attitude helped to lay the groundwork for Virtual New York’s persona of being a challenging place to learn while establishing the deep satisfaction of accomplishment that was the result of hard work and dedication.

As VATSIM continued to grow and evolve, as well as its real world counterparts, there was an increasing demand to maintain relevance and appeal to an even larger and more diverse audience. With the incredible dedication and foresight of Virtual New York’s third Chief, Karl Kleiber, Virtual New York successfully rebuilt their online infrastructure, developed a more robust training program, and increased their community outreach through the use of forums, a pilot feedback form, and a host of real-time resources accessible via the website. From 2005 to 2007, Karl was a compassionate and welcoming leader who instilled a sense of confidence and pride in all his fellow members. Toward the end of 2007, now acting as the newly named Air Traffic Manager, Karl managed to make Virtual New York one of the most engaged communities on the VATSIM network. Karl would eventually offer his services to the greater VATSIM community by becoming an administrator of the VATSIM North America Region, though his heart would always remain attached to Virtual New York. On April 20, 2020, Karl passed away after years of battling illness. He will always be remembered as one of the more prominent and influential founders of Virtual New York.

From late 2007 until 2009, Virtual New York welcomed its third Air Traffic Manager, Matthew Kreilein. Matthew was the first to regularly describe the community as being “Da Best” when referring to its attention to detail, demand for excellence, and familiar atmosphere. In subsequent years, Virtual New York would continue to grow and improve under the leadership of other influential managers.

Virtual New York ARTCC, Inc. Leadership

  • 1997-2001: Scott Bickford
  • 2001-2004: Brian Hoyle
  • 2004-2005: Scott Bickford
  • 2005-2007: Karl Kleiber
  • 2007-2009: Matthew Kreilein
  • 2009-2012: Nicola Felini
  • 2012-2015: Ira Robinson
  • 2015-2017: Mike Story
  • 2017-2018: Andrew Heath
  • 2018-2023: Karl Mathias Moberg
  • 2023-Present: Jan Galvez

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