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Controller Files Updated to AIRAC 2107

Controller Files Updated to AIRAC 2107

It's time to update your controller files once again! I'm glad to announce the release of updated controller files for AIRAC 2107. This includes an update to the VRC Sector File, ALIAS File, POF File, EuroScope Controller Package, the vSTARS profiles and the vERAM profile.

What has changed?

VRC Sector Files

  • Updated AIRAC to cycle 2107
  • Added MDT/CXY ATCT Map
  • Added HTO Airport Diagram
  • Updated EWR ASDE-X/Airport Diagram
  • Updated JFK taxiways labels (minor changes)


  • Updated .znywx command
  • Updated .prd and .skyvector commands to automatically populate with selected aircraft's departure/destination airports
  • Updated SID numbers for PDC commands (AIRAC changes)
  • Added 4s climb instructions in JFK PDC commands (refer to the ALIAS file command guide for details)
  • Removed .cskorrt and .cdeezzt commands; replaced with .cskorr and .cdeezz respectively

POF File

  • Added .xx5 frequencies to ZDC positions

EuroScope Controller Package

  • AIRAC update to cycle 2107
  • Updated in accordance with changes in VRC files

vSTARS Profiles

  • Updated airport diagrams
  • Updated RDVS panel with new N90 combined positons
  • Updated ALIAS commands in accordance with VRC changes
  • Updated positions in accordance with VRC changes
  • Updated KEWR ASDE-X in the N90 vSTARS profile
  • Updated scratchpad entries for HAAYS and NEWEL in the N90 vSTARS profile

vERAM Profiles

  • Updated airport diagrams
  • Updated positions with new ZDC frequencies
  • Updated ALIAS commands in accordance with VRC changes
  • Updated VSCS with new primary ZNY frequencies and N90 callsign changes

Where can I download the new files?

As always, all files can be found on the Downloads Section of our website.

How do I install these files for my controller client?

For VRC users, the file name is kept the same as the previous file. Therefore, simply extract the ZIP file and overwrite the *.sct2 file. No change to any profile is required. For EuroScope, vSTARS and vERAM users, there is a README file available in the Controller Pack. It describes how to install and setup the new files.

For more information on how to configure your scope, check out the Software Support Guide.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the NYARTCC Discord Server or send me an email at [email protected].


Amin Abrahem,
ZNY Facility Engineer

Author: Amin Abrahem | Posted: 2021-07-16 20:15:13 (Updated at 2021-07-16 21:46:32)

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